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We are so happy, appreciative and proud to have publication in the book “Photograph your kids like a pro” by Heather Mosher.
Few months ago A&TGancarz Photography was asked to submit some images for possible inclusion in the book  “Photograph your kids like a pro” by US photographer Heather Mosher and published by Quarto publishing. Quarto – the creative force behind some of the world’s bestselling illustrated books. The Group now has 500 employees in 20 separate business units based in the USA, the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong. Each year 600 new books for adults and children emerge from the Quarto ideas factory, to be sold in 35 countries and in 25 languages.

A copy of this book arrived today. It’s quite the honor to be amongst the best photographers in the world like Carrie Sandoval – Baby As Art. They’ve used one image of our son on the cover!!

Many thanks to Heather Mosher and our clients for giving permission for us to submit their images.
Do you want to take better photos of your kids? Don’t forget to buy this book! It’s a great book, full of lbeautiful images and great tips, you can buy a copy on Amazon.

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